DaveDavid Ostow was born and raised in Northern New Jersey which explains his lingering fascination with tollbooths and smokestacks.

After a childhood colored by an acute phobia of everything and an adolescence spent pretending to understand poetry, David went to college and studied art history. Later he (barely) earned a Master’s Degree in architecture.  Only days after he graduated his dog ate his diploma which is the most direct career advice he’s ever received.

In July 2009, David and his sister Micol published the award-winning illustrated novel So Punk Rock (And Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother). In July 2010 David stopped wedging references to his award-winning illustrated novel into every conversation he joined, largely for fear of alienating friends and loved ones.  Since then David’s projects have included collaborations with writers, musicians and film-makers.

David now lives in Brooklyn with his fiancee, the music publicist Lily Golightly, a dog named Elephant and two imaginary roommates. Feel to write to David with questions, comments or just to say hi at